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Mets demote Ike Davis to Triple-A Las Vegas

Sometimes you just gotta say enough. Or maybe you just gotta wake up.


The New York Mets demoted Ike Davis to Triple-A Las Vegas, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York. The Mets also demoted Robert Carson and Mike Baxter, making three demotions following yet another horrendous loss to the Miami Marlins -- their fifth loss in a row to the consensus worst team in the National League.

Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson told reporters they're making a move for his own good:

"At some point you just have to say to yourself this is not in his best interest," general manager Sandy Alderson said about Davis. "I was one of his biggest supporters. I just felt at some point we've got to get him out of here. Hopefully he'll be back in a short period of time. But he needs to go there. He needs to be able to play every day. He needs to be able to work on his swing without worrying necessarily about the outcome. We think it's in his best interest."

Rubin reports the decision to send Davis down wasn't made until after the game:

I'll speculate here, but assuming the person Martino spoke with would know, this suggests the Mets saw something that they just couldn't overcome. Or maybe it suggests they felt a shakeup was necessary to either give the rest of the team a boost or to show fans, hey we're trying everything can.

If any of the above are true, it shows the Front Office was giving Davis every last chance they could before making a move. That, or they're completely blind and don't recognize a career .240/.324/.434 hitter when they see one.

Was today's game the final straw or did Alderson just wake up? Comment below.


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