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Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez rumors: Expects to sign next week

Dennis Grombkowski

Cuban pitching sensation Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez expects to sign a deal with a major league team in the next week according to a report from Enrique Rojas of

"I do not think it will happen this weekend," Torres told "But, fortunately, I hope to have an agreement for next week. While the more interested clubs are making their last internal consultations, we are working on the visa process that [Gonzalez] will need to come to the United States."

The Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Phillies, Blue Jays, Twins and Marlins are all among the teams that are interested in the pitcher. Gonzalez will likely demand a high salary, and as a result, the smaller market teams such as Minnesota and Miami are likely to drop out of the running.

"[Gonzalez] could help a team this season," Torres told "[He'd] only need to go to the minor leagues a couple of weeks and make a few [starts] before debuting in the major leagues. Some of the clubs more interested were evaluating him for a long time, way before he came out of Cuba.

Gonzalez, a 26 year old hard throwing righty, defected from Cuba and now lives in Mexico, where he tried out for more than 60 scouts. Gonzalez was declared a free agent last month by the Commissioner's Office. Because he is over the age of 23 and has more than three years of professional experience, Gonzalez is not subject to the new international signing guidelines, which could potentially allow him to make his MLB debut by the end of the season.

Gonzalez is 6'3 and has an athletic build . His fastball sits in the 90-96 MPH range and has movement. He also throws a changeup, forkball and curveball. Estimates on a contract for Gonzalez sit in the five-year, $60 million range although that price could rise if there is a bidding war among the large-market teams.

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