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MLB trade rumor roundup: 3 days to go

It was a busy weekend around MLB and here at MLBDD. Here's a quick recap of everything you need to know before the deadline.

Jonathan Daniel

With just three days before the Trade Deadline*, we're finally starting to see the dam of rumors break into a torrent of activity -- winning teams looking for one last piece, losing teams looking to capitalize on a seller's market, and those in-betweeners getting ever-closer to deciding to which side of the buy-sell river they belong.

*Don't forget, the deadline is technically the Non-waiver Trade Deadline, which ends at 4:00 PM ET on July 31.

Trades can still happen up until August 31, aka The Waiver Trade Deadline. That's a little more involved, but quickly, it means a team can place a player on waivers, after which any team can claim him during a 48-hour window. If claimed, the two teams can work out a trade or the claiming team can just take on all of the player's salary if the losing team chooses. If no team claims the player, his team is free to trade him at will. We'll get back to this after the deadline.

Either way, the clock is ticking. Here's what you need to know: