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Biogenesis scandal: MLB preparing lifetime ban for Alex Rodriguez

A-Roid's time in the league may be finished.

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Mike Stobe

Major League Baseball is preparing to ban New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for life due to his connection to the Biogenesis scandal, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today. Nightengale also notes that about eight other players will be suspended before the weekend, which means that impact players like Nelson Cruz (Rangers), Jhonny Peralta (Tigers) and Everth Cabrera (Padres) will likely be handed 50-game bans.

While most of the other players involved with the scandal plan on accepting their 50-game suspensions without appeal in order to return before the postseason begins, Rodriguez will appeal any suspension that the league levies upon him, according to Nightengale. Because the 38-year old is accused of purposefully lying to Major League Baseball and trying to sabotage their investigation, his suspension will be more severe than those of the other players involved.

In addition to Rodriguez, Cruz, Peralta and Cabrera, Francisco Cervelli (Yankees), Fautino de los Santos (free agent), Fernando Martinez (Yankees), Jesus Montero (Mariners), Jordan Norberto (free agent), and Cesar Puello (Mets) are all expected to be suspended as a result of the investigation. Bartolo Colon (Athletics), Yasmani Grandal (Padres) and Melky Cabrera (Blue Jays) are unlikely to be suspended due to their previous suspensions caused by testing positive for a banned substance.

The investigation had a profound impact on the trade market in July, causing teams to anticipate needs based on the pending suspensions. The Tigers found a long-term replacement for Peralta by acquiring Jose Iglesias from the Red Sox, and the Rangers were in search of offensive replacements for Cruz for much of the month.

Brewers' outfielder Ryan Braun, who was also implicated in the league's investigation into Biogenesis, was suspended last week for the remainder of the season (65 games).