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MLB suspending Miguel Tejada 105 games for adderall

Hannah Foslien

Former American League MVP and Kansas City Royals infielder Miguel Tejada will be suspended 105 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for Adderall according to a report from Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports. The suspension could end the career of the 39-year old.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Because Tejada had previously tested positive under the league’s amphetamine policy, he was subject to a 25-game ban for a second positive, which was found in a test this season. A third positive, in close proximity to the second, called for an additional 80-game suspension, totaling a concurrent 105.

The suspension will be the third-longest non-lifetime suspension ever brought down by MLB, following the 211 game suspension to Alex Rodriguez which is currently pending and the Steve Howe's 119-day sanction in 1992 for substance abuse.

Tejada did not appeal the penalties and will begin his suspension immediately, although he is currently out for the season with a strained calf. After serving his suspension for the rest of the season, Tejada would be ineligible to play the first 64 games of 2014. A source tells Yahoo! that Tejada is leaning towards retirement.

This is not the first time Tejada has been connected to banned supplements. He pleaded guilty in 2005 for lying to Congress about his knowledge of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball and later admitted that he bought $6000 worth of human growth hormone, although he said he threw it out before use.

The majority of Tejada's career has been spent with the Oakland Athletics, the team with which he won his MVP award, and the Baltimore Orioles, who signed him to a $72M contract. Baltimore traded him to Houston after four seasons and in his first season with the Astros in 2008, he admitted that he lied about his age by two years, meaning he was 34, not 32.

After bouncing around for four teams during 2009-12, Tejada made the Royals as a utilityman, eventually earning the starting second baseman job.

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