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Danny Espinosa rumors: Nationals trying to trade second baseman


The Nationals, who are deciding whether or not to call up Danny Espinosa, is trying to trade the second baseman according to Bill Ladson of

The Nationals have not decided if they will call up second baseman Danny Espinosa on Sunday, when rosters can expand. A baseball source familiar with Espinosa believes he will not play another big league game this year.

The person pointed out that Espinosa has 96 strikeouts in 287 at-bats for Triple-A Syracuse. Those numbers don't help the Nationals, who are trying to trade Espinosa, according to the source. Espinosa also has a .208 batting average for Syracuse entering Tuesday's action.

Scott Boras, Espinosa's agent, said that the second baseman has dealt with a thumb injury for a couple of weeks at Syracuse. Boras also mentioned that there has been a lot interest in Espinosa.

Espinosa has 20-home run, 20-stolen base potential in addition to providing very good defense at second base and shortstop. Although he has dealt with strikeout issues in the past, Espinosa posted a .242/.319/.408 with 38 home runs with 37 steals in '11-'12. Return on Espinosa likely would not be great as Washington would be selling him at an all-time low value.

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