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AL East notes: A-Rod, Pineda, Jeter, Ross, Happ, Melky, Drabek, Markakis


While we wait for the Biogenesis suspensions to play out, let's catch up on the American League East.

The Red Sox (68-45) continue to lead the division with the Rays (66-45) close behind. Further back are the Orioles (61-51) and the Yankees (57-53). The Yankees' current record actually puts them behind the Kansas City Royals in the Wild Card standings, which is both a pleasant and shocking thing to report.

The big story for the morning, of course, is that A-Rod will (probably) be suspended through 2014, effectively ending his career. But the Yankees would be at the center of the conversation anyway, considering Jeter's and Pineda's injury. Let's look:


Red Sox:

  • Cody Ross claims Red Sox 'lied to my face' in negotiations - Over the Monster
    Cody Ross left as a free agent to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks this past off-season, in part because the Red Sox and Ross could never come to an agreement on a deal. He wanted three years, they wanted to offer him two, and since there was no middle to meet in, both sides went in opposite directions. Apparently, this offended Ross, who on WEEI on Friday said that Red Sox GM Ben Cherington "lied to my face" about their plans for long-term deals.

Blue Jays: