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NL East notes: Upton, Bastardo, Gonzalez, Laird, Werth, Valdespin, Puello

Here's the latest from around the National League East.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a moment and poke the NL East to see how things are shaking out. As you'll see, Biogenesis has tainted everything.

The National League East has been essentially over for a few weeks. While the Braves (68-45) have been in first since the start of the season, the Nationals (54-58) had been hanging around 5½ - 6½ games back but have finally slipped out completely and now sit 13½ games back. And they're second in the division!

The Phillies (50-61) got old and terrible faster than anyone other than [child actor joke here] thought possible and 2013 was always going to be a bridge year for the Mets (49-60), especially after selling high on R.A. Dickey during the offseason.

As for the Marlins (43-67), they're actually not doing as poorly as you might think, if you kinda squint one way and look at them in the right light. But they're still obviously horrible and the high point of watching that team remains seeing Gio Gonzalez perform.

Here's the latest from our friends around the National League East: