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Phillies agreement with Gonzalez may fall through

Dennis Grombkowski

The Philadelphia Phillies came out of nowhere (like they often do on free-agents) to sign Cuban righty Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez nearly two weeks ago. The silence on the deal from the Phillies organization was slightly ominous and now we know the reason behind the quiet. The organization's deal with the 26-year old righty may fall through according to a report from Todd Zolecki of

A source indicated to tonight the two parties had hit a snag since word quickly spread July 26 the parties had agreed to a six-year, $48 million contract that included an $11 million option for 2019.

The Phillies have said nothing about Gonzalez since the story broke, not even as much as acknowledging anything might be cooking with the Cuban. Asked just before tonight’s game against the Cubs at Citizens Bank Park if a deal with Gonzalez might no longer happen, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. repeatedly declined comment.

Since the agreement, many scouts have mentioned questions about Gonzalez's elbow, where he had some bone spurs removed in the past two years.

If the agreement falls through, it could dramatically change the complexion of the Phillies moving forward. Gonzalez, by all accounts, is major league ready and could be a number three starter right out of the gate. There was heavy interest in Gonzalez before he came to an agreement with the Phillies. The Red Sox were considered the runner-up in the sweepstakes. Other teams interested in Gonzalez's services included the Dodgers and the Angels.

If the contract falls through, Gonzalez will likely have to take a smaller contract.