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AL East notes: Wild Card movement, playoff rosters

Jim Rogash

Here's the latest from around the American League East:

  • AL Wild Card: Royals, Yankees falling out of contention -
    Half the teams still in the AL wild card hunt won on Tuesday, but is it still a six-team race?

  • Chris Davis sets Orioles record with homer 51 -
    It's not quite Maris, but it's still a significant achievement.

  • How do the 2012 and 2013 Orioles bullpens compare? - Camden Chat
    "The Orioles are still a promising young squad with a core of hitters and starters in or approaching their prime. Hell, they may even sneak into the playoffs this year despite their many frustrating tendencies. But regardless, the approach to the bullpen in the coming offseason will be an interesting one to watch.

    The Orioles have a less-than-stellar recent history with high-priced free-agent relievers (need I mention Kevin Gregg, Mike Gonzalez, Danys Baez, Steve Kline and company?), but it might seem dicey to roll with the current crop and just assume that they'll fluctuate back toward excellence."

  • Who should be on the Red Sox playoff roster? - Over the Monster
    Boston hasn't clinched yet, but it seems to be a matter of time until they do -- who should play once they get to October? Marc Normandin breaks down every position on the 25-player roster.

  • The Red Sox are patient, but is that why they're good? - Over the Monster
    "It's absolutely true that the Red Sox see a ton of positive counts--they rank fourth in the league for ABs ending with the batter ahead, and they hit a stunning .339/.512/.593. But at the same time they lead the league in at bats which finish with them behind in the count, in which they hit just .229/.241/.331. This, then, seems to be more a matter of volume than anything else."

  • Last chance for Wells and Ichiro to be useful - Pinstriped Bible
    Seeing these two get regular action serves as a constant, horrifying reminder that no matter how 2013 ends, both Ichiro and Wells will be under contract for 2014. Considering their ages, it would be a reasonable assumption that they'll be even worse in 2013. But a week and a half of solid play at the most critical juncture in the Yankees' 2013 season would almost make their absurd acquisitions palatable. Almost.

  • Ichiro and Chris Stewart aren't a part of the future, so stop playing them - Pinstriped Bible
    "Of course Stewart and Ichiro aren't the only reasons the Yankees are where they're at right now, but they're certainly a part of it, and it's especially annoying because there were better options that could have been had without putting too much damage on the wallet.

    Unfortunately there's nothing they can do about Martin, or Schierholtz, or any other catcher or right fielder that could have contributed more than what Ichiro and Stewart have done. Instead, there are in-house options they should look to, and that's Austin Romine (or J.R. Murphy) and Zoilo Almonte."

  • Blue Jays injuries: Edwin Encarnacion, Brett Cecil shut down for season -
    Arm injuries have cut their seasons a bit short. E5 will undergo wrist surgery this week, while Cecil is sidelined with elbow inflammation.

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