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The Best of MLB Daily Dish 2013

2013 is now in the books and as Frank Sinatra liked to sing, it was a pretty good year.

So long 2013!
So long 2013!
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

MLB Daily Dish is ready to greet 2014 with open arms, but with the world collectively trying to shake off its hangover and remember where it left its car/keys/significant other, there is no better time to look back at the year that was at your source for baseball trade rumors and analysis.

For MLB Daily Dish, there was no bigger story than the emergence of our own Chris Cotillo as one of the game's top sources for insider information. Chris broke some of the biggest stories of the offseason on these pages, beating some of the top writers in the country to the scoop a between sixth period chemistry and writing his college application essays.

Cotillo was the first to report Ricky Nolasco signing with the Twins this winter, earning a nod from Heyman on twitter for his work there.

He also led the field in reporting the Athletics trade of Jerry Blevins to the Nationals, warranting a shout-out from Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Just earning the respect of the two men who break most the big news in baseball is impressive enough, but that is just the tip of the iceberg 2013, Chris broke one of the biggest stories of the offseason- the Tigers trade of Doug Fister to the Nationals for Steve Lombardozzi, Ian Krol and Robbie Ray. Our man on the inside then went on bring us back live coverage of the Winter Meetings, inspiring at least one veteran writer to make an inevitable reference that might be too dated for its target-

With Cotillo working the phones and Florida hotel lobbies, Tyler Drenon elevated the visual side of things here, making complicated stories like the Cardinals winter reshuffle understandable even without the burdens of literacy. Mr. Drenon doesn't just rely on pretty pictures, however. Few writers can work a reference to the English class-structure into the analysis of an Athletics trade the way he can.

Josh Duggan joined us late in the year and wasted little time leaving his mark, examining five awful moves that almost have to happen. A few GMs might want to base a resolution or two on that one.

The trade deadline seems like it was a lifetime ago at this point, but way back then, MLBDD vet Nathan Aderhold proved almost prophetic in making the case for Jake Peavy over Matt Garza.

For my own part, I was less than completely off-base with my predictions for the five teams that would shape this offseason and if the Cubs ever wake up from their hibernation, I might even end up looking smart(ish). My analysis of the Mariners' Robinson Cano signing and the Red Sox manipulation of the draft compensation system also proved surprisingly readable.

Our fearless leader, Justin Bopp, assembled a fantastic team for us this year and he continues to add talent like he's a member of the Cardinals front office on draft day, but he can also get down in the trenches a turn a phrase or two at need, as he showed with his breakdown of one of the craziest days in offseason history, one of our most widely-read articles of the year.

Goodbye 2013! You were good to us.