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Phillies looking to add pitching

The Phillies have an offer out to an unidentified swingman.

Marc Serota

Even after spending almost $48 million in free agency already this winter, it looks like the Phillies are not done spending. According to an industry source, the club currently has an outstanding offer to an unidentified free agent pitcher who has the ability to pitch both as a starter and reliever.

Jerome Williams, whom the Phillies had interest in last month, is not that pitcher, according to sources. Philadelphia is no longer in pursuit of the right-hander, who is drawing interest from a few clubs (including the Rangers) and is moving towards taking final offers from teams.

There seems to be a good chance that the Phillies are pursuing Chad Gaudin, who was first linked to the team by's Jim Salisbury last week. According to a source, the right-hander is drawing interest from "about six teams" and is likely to sign in the near future. It is not clear at this time if he will receive a major league contract or not, and the Phillies' interest is unconfirmed.

Among the other available free agent starters, a few names stand out as pitchers who can start and relieve. Veterans Erik Bedard, Jon Garland, Jeff Niemann and Brett Myers are among the names that could be possible, although that's purely speculation.

Regardless of who the target is, the Phillies seem to be focused on adding a low-cost swingman in the near future. Expect them to sign one in the next couple of weeks.