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No deal between Garza, Brewers yet

The Brewers issued a public statement saying there is no deal yet with Matt Garza.

Ed Zurga

Contrary to earlier reports that the Brewers have agreed to a four-year, $52 million contract with right-hander Matt Garza, the team issued a statement that there is no deal at this time.

At the time of the original reports, a source with direct knowledge of the situation told me that "nothing has been decided yet". regarding Garza's free agency. Garza took a physical today with the Brewers, who were planning on announcing him at a press conference this afternoon, according to Ken Rosenthal of

Many have speculated that the holdup is due to medical concerns, but Adam McCalvy of reports that the holdup is not related to medical issues.

For now, the deal seems to be on hold, with the reason unknown. It is very unusual for a team to issue a public statement in the manner in which the Brewers did, so this is definitely a unique situation.

At this point, the deal could obviously still happen, but it's not guaranteed. Stay tuned for rolling updates here throughout the night.