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Poll: Who is the best remaining free agent?

Which of the remaining free agents do you believe is the one you would be most elated about to see your favorite team has signed them?

Jamie Squire

As we enter the latter stages of the offseason, the free agent pool is beginning to dry up. With many of this year's top free agents having already found new homes (or old ones), few top-tier names are still available. Despite the current dearth of talent, there are still a few guys that could command large deals in the coming months. So, out of the remaining free agents, who would you most like to have? Here are some of the candidates:

Ubaldo Jimenez, RHP

Coming off a bounce back year that saw him post a 3.30 ERA, 3.2 WAR, and outstanding 9.56 K/9, Jimenez may be the best stateside pitcher still remaining. If he can prove that 2013 wasn't a fluke, whoever signs Jimenez could be looking at a top of the rotation starter on a slight discount. Attached to draft pick compensation, Jimenez's market is likely hindered by that fact, and it doesn't help that many of his potential suitors are also in on Ervin Santana.

Potential Landing Spots: Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, Mariners, Yankees

Stephen Drew, SS

Linked to the Mets in recent days, the 30-year-old Drew is another guy coming off a bounce back 2013 campaign. Drew was instrumental in helping the Red Sox win the World Series last fall, accumulating a 3.4 WAR in 501 plate appearances, his first such season since 2010. Drew's checkered injury history will certainly be a red flag for many teams, and despite the draft pick compensation, he may be in line for more of a two or three year deal rather than a long-term contract.

Potential Landing Spots: Red Sox, Mets

Kendrys Morales, 1B/DH

As Tyler Drenon touched on Saturday, the Royals have been among the teams showing recent interest in Morales, whose market is severely hurt by him being attached to draft pick compensation. The slugging DH is likely limited to signing with an AL team considering his defensive limitations.

Potential Landing Spots: Royals, Mariners, Orioles

Matt Garza, RHP

Garza has been a bit of a hot commodity lately due to him being the only starter remaining with top of the rotation potential who either A. won't cost his team a draft pick or B. won't command a deal in the nine-figure range. The Angels and Diamondbacks continue to be linked heavily to Garza, but other suitors such as the Twins and Blue Jays have been linked to him in recent days. Garza's market likely won't pick up until after Masahiro Tanaka signs.

Potential Landing Spots: Twins, Angels, Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, Yankees, Orioles, Mariners

Nelson Cruz, OF

Cruz has been among the most controversial free agents this winter due to a combination of strikeout issues, a limited defensive profile, and a recent suspension for PEDs all looming over his head. Those items, combined with draft pick compensation, fail to make him an appetizing option. While the Mariners have shown plenty of interest in Cruz, the most likely fit is with Baltimore, though even that may be a stretch.

Potential Landing Spots: Mariners, Orioles, Rangers

Masahiro Tanaka, RHP

For everything you need to know about Masahiro Tanaka, click here.

Potential Landing Spots: Everyone?

Ervin Santana, RHP

Santana's market is very similar to Jimenez in that each is tied to draft pick compensation, are fairly close in age, and both have a recent track record of disappointing performances. Santana should have no problem landing a deal, but like Garza (and Jimenez), a lot will depend on when, where, and for how much Tanaka signs.

Potential Landing Spots: Diamondbacks, Mariners, Orioles, Royals, Blue Jays, Tigers