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Dodgers hire Andrew Friedman and everybody is FLIPPING OUT

Andrew Friedman just left the Rays to join the Dodgers. Here is the instant reaction from the internets.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

In the biggest front office move since Theo Epstein left the Red Sox for the Cubs, the Dodgers have hired Andrew Friedman away from the Rays. In the short term, this means the Dodgers have a bright young mind to pair with its seemingly limitless financial prowess. In the long term, this means DOOOOOM for every other team in baseball.

Let's look at what the world is saying as this news proliferates through the baseball world.

The news breaks:

And basically everyone lost their minds:

Important asides and questions:

The same conclusion everyone has:

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The rest of baseball says OH NO

What's your reaction to the move?