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Pablo Sandoval's representatives expected to meet with four teams at GM meetings

The Red Sox, Giants, Blue Jays and White Sox are all expected to meet with the representatives for the free agent.


Pablo Sandoval's representatives will meet with four clubs--the Giants, Red Sox, Blue Jays and White Sox-- at next week's GM meetings in Phoenix, according to major-league sources. More meetings may be scheduled in the next few days.

Sandoval is not expected to be in attendance for the meetings, which will likely give his representatives and interested clubs a chance to talk about preliminary contract terms in an in-person setting. Though reports this week have stated that Sandoval would prefer a six-year deal, agent Gustavo Vasquez told me earlier in the week that he is not setting a mininum-contract length requirement and is simply "looking for the best deal for Pablo".

Sandoval, 28, is expected to command a large contract during his first experience on the free agent market, and has expressed interest in returning to San Francisco, where he has won three championships. The third baseman hit .279/.324/.415 with sixteen home runs and 73 RBI in 157 games last season.