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How would you fix the MLB draft?

I tried, maybe they will listen to you-

Mike Stobe

On Sunday, I proposed a few changes to the MLB Draft. I hope my take is the Meryl Streep of draft reform concepts; it isn't all straight-up sexy like a Megan Fox or a Angelina Jolie, but there is something intriguing and captivating about it and it will stand the test of time, arguably even improving with age, until eventually it is the only draft reform concept of its day that can still find work.

For your consideration.

Does anyone want to watch another franchise pull a Luhnow? Don't you just cringe when every time you mention a free agent that would help your team and that annoying co-worker who spends all his free time blogging about baseball reminds you that he would cost your team a compensation pick, so it will never happen? Do you really want to read another 1500 words about fixing the draft in 2017?

Well then, damn it! Let's fix this thing. I've taken my shot, you take yours. How would you fix the draft? No idea is too crazy! (except GM death-matches, that is too crazy, you've crossed a line).

Breakfast Links 2/11:

Indians sign Michael Brantley to 4-year, $25 million extension

So does this mean the Indians won the CC Sabathia trade?

Royals request unconditional release waivers on Emilio Bonifacio

The Royals tried to trade Bonifacio, but they couldn't get it done. Now, they just want out from under his salary. I think maybe those other teams they were talking to might have seen this coming.

Rangers sign Tommy Hanson to minor league deal

Tommy Hanson was never in the band Hanson. He was pretty good pitcher for the Braves from 2009 until his arm troubles started in 2011, but again, he was not in the band Hanson.

A half-goodbye to Baseball Nation

Baseball Nation is dead. Long live Baseball Nation.

Are pitchers getting better?

Evan Kendall wants to know. I believe they are. They have Pitch FX helping them out, fielding independent numbers emphasizing the right skills and they still get eight other guys behind them. Hitters nothing but a stick of ash. Oh and have you seen Koji's splitter?