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Are you happy with your team's payroll?

If you are a Dodgers fan, the answer is probably yes. If not, you might have some qualms about your team's budget.

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Last night, Josh Duggan took a skeptical view of the Royals payroll limitations as he looked over the way Dayton Moore has spent this money this offseason. It is a common complaint and not just from Royals fans. Unless you are a fan of the Dodgers, you probably wish your team would spend just a little more money. Even the Yankees have flirted with the idea of a budget recently and even though they have scrapped plan-189 in dramatic fashion this winter, even fans in the Bronx have had to grapple with the idea of real spending limits this offseason. At some point, there is just no more money to spend, or at least there is no more money left that ownership is willing to spend.

And there is the rub. Winning is the best thing for a team's bottom line, but only the most irrational fans would want to see their team go into debt to try to make that happen. You don't need to know the ins and outs of every television deal and market size to understand that the Rays can't spend like the Red Sox, even if it would help them win now. For the most part we except these realities, but, as Mr. Duggan reminds us, there are times when the financial constraints just rub us the wrong way. There are some owners that just won't spend, even if they probably should. Some teams are more tight-fisted than they need to be, passing over substantial improvements within their means.

Whether a club is rich or poor, their spending can be a major source of frustration for fans. So tell us about your club. Are you satisfied with their payroll?

Breakfast Links 2/14

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