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Standing out in the market: the last gasp attempts from remaining free agents

With spring training in full gear and a number of big name free agents still waiting to be signed, it's time to get creative. Will these last minute job applications land anyone a steady gig before the season starts?

Jamie Squire

Yesterday, free agent reliever Tim Byrdak took to Twitter to ask for a job:


And though Byrdak remains unsigned as of this writing, the stunt inspired a number of still-unemployed free agents to pull a similar stunt, hoping to stand out in a competitive market.

With a long list of teams interested in Ervin Santana, including the Yankees and Blue Jays, Santana has decided to go the more traditional route, letting his work speak for itself:


Stephen Drew, looking for $14 million a year, and most recently connected with the Red Sox and Mets, decided to open up his search to the entire world, posting on Craigslist:


Kendrys Morales, left on the free agent wire despite his 20+ home run power because of his limited defensive abilities and the draft pick compensation tied up with his name, went to Facebook, asking friends and family for help:


Nelson Cruz, another poor defender and with a PED suspension to boot, has struggled to find steady work. With the Orioles rumored to be in on the right fielder, Nelson Cruz has started plastering the Baltimore-area telephone poles with this flyer:


(Nelson Cruz photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

And finally, the biggest name left on the wire, Kevin Gregg, has had trouble finding working despite his third 30+ save season. It's as if no one even cares about goggles and gaudy save totals anymore. To cope, Gregg is offering a really great value to any and all buyers:


Will these stunts work? That remains to be seen. Though, personally, I'm really angling for that free Kevin Gregg.