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Which team has the best logo?

We all love our own team's logo, even if they are nothing more than a pair of socks, but who has actually has the coolest logo in the game?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

I grew up a Red Sox and I have an affinity for the two red socks that have adorned their team ads and- at times- even their caps that pre-dates my ability to use rational thought. If forced to consider them as a logo rationally, I'd have to say it is not the hippest image that has ever adorned a sports franchise's gear. Just looking at the other teams in Boston, there is a pretty cool looking bear, a very patriotic portrait of Elvis and a bad-ass leprechaun spinning a basketball. Bad-ass leprechaun? Socks? Easy choice (unless you find the Celtics logo to be offensive to your Irish heritage, I suppose).

Still, it isn't a terrible logo. The Boston Red Sox aren't running out some racist caricature on their promotional materials. Socks are nice. A clean pair of warm, dry socks can be a wonderful source of comfort. I'm firmly pro-socks, but they are just socks. They don't excite the imagination. They don't intimidate the competition. They just describe a part of the uniform. This is my team. They wear red socks. We call them the Red Sox. Hey, guess what is on their logo! I'd never want them to change it, but I can admit it probably isn't the best logo in the game.

So, look, I understand if you simply love your team's logo beyond rationale. I'm with you. But could we separate ourselves from all those childhood memories of joy and pain and actually look at team logos for a moment? Who has the best logo? Who has baseball's equivalent of a bad-ass leprechaun spinning a basketball?

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