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How would you change fantasy baseball?

Join us for a complete baseball breakfast of awesome as we discuss the question of the day, served piping hot with a side of links. Bring your own OJ.

Perfect! Auto-draft picked me six third basemen and no shortstops. again.
Perfect! Auto-draft picked me six third basemen and no shortstops. again.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

There are 33,559,990 people playing fantasy sports in the USA, according the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, but as best as I can calculate I'm one of about 200 people who play fantasy baseball. Baseball is the original fantasy game. From Jack Kerouac to Strat-o-matic to the La Rotisserie Française, baseball owned all the earliest attempts at fantasizing about sports. Yet, now 70 percent of the fantasy-sports pie belongs to football. What gives? Why do you people hate fantasy baseball?

Sure, it takes some work. I get that. Maybe you haven't noticed, however, but football is not exactly confined to one day of the week anymore. Between all of the questionable, probable, not likely, not interested, not-capable-of-remembering-his-name statuses, if you are playing fantasy football, you're not just setting that lineup once. What's a few more internet searches to see who is pitching for the next two days, really? C'mon!

Please explain this one to me. Why is that when I ask a friend to join my fantasy baseball league I can expect the same reaction I'd get if I asked them to go summit the Matterhorn with me? What's so wrong with it?

Seriously: How would you change fantasy baseball?

Breakfast links 2/4:

  • Positions of strength: Teams that should trade from their excess -- Josh Duggan thinks teams should trade something they have too much of for something they need. It's pretty sound logic if you ask me. I've got several drawers overflowing with miscellaneous cables, so if anyone out there has an excess of cars and happens to be dangerously low on power supplies for mid-90's game consoles, hit me up. We can work something out.