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Breakfast Links: David Ortiz, Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer, Stephen Drew, Pablo Sandoval

Let's talk about extensions, baby. Let's talk about you and me And all the good things and the bad things that may be

Red Sox sign David Ortiz to one-year extension

The Red Sox have added another year to Ortiz's contract. I guess when you hit .688/.760./1.188 in the World Series, people like having you around.

Tigers enter extension talks with Miguel Cabrera

Miggy is also looking for an extension, but this won't be any one-year deal. Back to Back MVPs should buy a guy a good deal of security, generally speaking.

Scherzer rejects extension offer, tables extension talks with Tigers

The Tigers also want to keep 2013 AL Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer around, but this latest attempt at reaching a deal has descended into a battle in the press between agent Scott Boras and the Tigers. I'm not sure where this strategy falls in the Jack Donaghy negotiation playbook, but it certainly isn't in the early chapters.

Stephen Drew willing to consider 1-year deal with Tigers

While Scherzer can't work things out with the Tigers, another Scott Boras-client is desperate for their attention.

Tigers discussed Omar Vizquel making a comeback as a platoon shortstop

Seriously? The only possible reason that Detroit could have for enlisting their 47-year-old coach as a shortstop with Stephen Drew right out their door begging for a contract is that Drew is actually the man who injected A-Rod with every steroid he ever took, Michael Vick's dog-fighting mentor and the Yellow King. That has to be it.

Pablo Sandoval extension: Giants 3B looking for Hunter Pence-type deal

In other extension news, Pablo Sandoval wants a deal like the five-year, $90 million Pence got. Someone might want to point out to him a few of the obvious physical differences between him and his teammate.

Spring Training Opt-Out/Release Tracker: Live Updates

Keep track of all the players who have just become free agents again, voluntarily or otherwise.

Dodgers' new TV network leaves most of L.A. shut out

If team spends $226 million on players and no one can watch the games, does anyone hear Bud Selig cry?