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Breakfast Links: Neftali Feliz, Scott Baker, Jean Segura, Bryce Harper

The Rangers are baseball's equivalent of Samuel L. Jackson's character from Unbreakable so far this season.

Jamie Squire

Rangers option Neftali Feliz to Triple-A

The Rangers will go with Joakim Soria in the ninth inning while Feliz tries to make his way back from Tommy John surgery.

Geovany Soto, Jurickson Profar, Yu Darvish injured: Short-handed Rangers look to the trade market

Feliz is heading in the right direction at least, even if he is not major league-ready at this point. The Rangers have lost key players at second, in the rotation and behind the plate to injuries this spring and they may need to make some quick moves to fill those holes.

Rangers, Scott Baker making progress on deal

Baker just opted out of his deal with the Mariners and he is now close to signing on with their division rival. He will jump into the competition for a place in the back of the rotation with Joe Saunders and Tommy Hanson

In search of baseball's most snakebitten team

So, you probably know that the Rangers have some injury problems (see above), but Grant Brisbee will tell you just how ridiculously bad those issues are.

Extension talks break down between Brewers, Jean Segura

The Brewers took a swing-and-miss at trying to lock up their 24-year-old shortstop and the talks are being tabled at this point, but there is still plenty of time before Segura becomes a free agent.

Pirates acquire Vance Worley from Twins

The Pirates were already trying to fix Edinson Volquez, so they probably just figured, why not tinker with Worley too. The former Phillie was terrible last season with the Twins, with a 7.21 ERA, but he was good far more recently than Volquez. Still, the Pirates rotation might be a little trouble if they are considering giving Worley innings this season.

Quantifying clubhouse chemistry

ESPN is attempting to create a way to make this intangible tangible. Rumor has it the new metric will be called Michael Youngs above replacement grit (MYARG)

Is Bryce Harper overrated?

Players think so, PECOCTA thinks so (kind of, anyway), but his biggest flaw seems to be not being Mike Trout, so by those standards, aren't we really just overrating all the non-Trout players?