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Breakfast Links: Starling Marte, Scott Baker, Javy Guerra

The Pirates get the Marte deal done and the Rangers had to know something was wrong when they found Yu Darvish clucking around in the dugout looking for sunflower seeds.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Pirates sign Starling Marte to 6-year, $31 million extension

The deal is done and Marte will stay a Pirate for three seasons beyond his arbitration years.

Rangers notes: Texas signs Scott Baker, claims Donnie Murphy and Seth Rosin, Darvish to miss Opener

The team the Rangers' front office built over the offseason has suffered a streak of misfortune unlike anything we have seen since Mr. Burns lost all the ringers he brought in for the Springfield Power Plant nine except Darryl Strawberry. Without a Carl or Lenny to turn to, Jon Daniels and company have resorted to waiver claims and minor league signings to deal with the many tragic illnesses plaguing the club.

Rangers sign Scott Baker to minor league contract

Our own Chris Cotillo delivers the scoop on Baker's deal with the Rangers.

White Sox claim Javy Guerra from Dodgers

Guerra is about as good a player as you will find on waivers this spring, but the Dodgers bullpen has less free space than a clown car at the moment.

The New Wave: Dozens of players hit free agent market as teams make cuts

Here are the remains of the spring training day. These players couldn't stick on a roster on their first try, but many of them will get another chance at some point.

2014 MLB team season previews

Are you ready for the regular season? Catch up with all the offseason moves and the narratives ahead with our preview series. Recent additions include-