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Breakfast Links: Miguel Cabrera extension edition

The Tigers give Miggy all the money... all of it.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Tigers sign Miguel Cabrera to 8-year, $248 million extension

The Tigers have locked up the best hitter in baseball for an extra eight seasons, ensuring that Miggy will remain a Tiger for another decade.

Immediate reaction to Miguel Cabrera mega-deal is all about the Benjamins

Cabrera's ability in the batter's box is really not in question, but when a contract jumps north of $30 million a season and $200 million total, some sticker shock is inevitable...

MLB executives disgusted, appalled over Miguel Cabrera extension

...and guess which people are particularly appalled by the amount of money that Cabrera is making on this deal. Surprise! It's other MLB executives. Of course, those guys would never overpay to keep a superstar on their clubs. cough*Ryan Howard*cough*Derek Jeter*cough*Tim Lincecum*cough ...excuse me.

Why extending Max Scherzer was never part of the Tigers' offseason needs

Before the Cabrera deal was signed, Kurt Mensching explained why the Tigers weren't more aggressive with Max Scherzer.

In non-Cabrera news-

Phillies release Bobby Abreu

It appears the 40-year-old will not be returning to the majors with his former club. At age 30, Abreu hit .301/.428/.544 for a wRC+ of 148 with 30 home runs. Abreu was never Miguel Cabrera at the plate, but his release coming on the day Cabrera signs a deal that will last until he is Abreu's age is a handy reminder of the horrible things time can do to a player.

Mariners sign Chris Young to 1-year deal

Young couldn't crack the Nationals roster this spring, but he will fit in nicely at the back of the Seattle rotation.

Grady Sizemore will not bat leadoff

Sizemore might be the best story of the spring. After two years out of the game, he is expected to make the Red Sox roster and play center field regularly. He won't replace Ellsbury in the leadoff spot, but just sticking with the team is an amazing enough story. The fate of top prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. is still undecided, but a minor league assignment seems like the logical solution right now.