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Breakfast Links: Mike Trout, Yan Gomes, Jon Lester

Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout appear to be linked in some cosmic way. The two sides to the recent MVP debates have now both landed new deals within a day of each other.


Angels sign Mike Trout to 6-year, $144.5 million extension

The best player in baseball has agreed to a long-term deal. This buys out three seasons of free agency for the young star and the Angels will be paying a premium for those years, which will come at $33.25 million a piece. Still, overall, this deal is an incredible value for L.A.

Indians extend Yan Gomes for six years and $23 million

And speaking of incredible values, this deal is pretty darn sweet as well. Gomes had a breakout season last year, hitting .294/.345/.481 in 88 games with the Indians, but his bat doesn't need to stay at that level for this deal to work out for Cleveland either, since his defense behind the plate is top-notch.

Red Sox, Jon Lester table extension talks

The 30-year-old lefty will head to free agency if the Red Sox can't work something out before the end of the season, but the two sides have put talks on hold for now. If Lester does become a free agent he would likely be the one of the best pitchers on the market next winter, along with James Shields and Max Scherzer.

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