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Who has the worst front office in baseball?

I know who Ian Kinsler is going to pick.

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On Tuesday, ESPN the Magazine published some biting comments from Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler about his former team, the Texas Rangers, who traded him to Detroit for Prince Fielder over the winter. Kinsler called Rangers GM Jon Daniels a "sleazeball" and said he hoped the Rangers go 0-162 this season.

He has since called these quotes "ridiculous" and "childish," and claimed they were taken out of context, but unless the context was something along the lines of Kinsler really saying "Hey, I'm not saying Daniels is a sleazeball or anything" and the magazine just went and published the middle four words, it is hard to imagine what context would yield a dramatically different interpretation.

Kinsler is upset about being traded and he still has some bitterness about being asked to move to first base and about Michael Young getting traded away, but he isn't the first person to leave Texas with a bad taste in his mouth. C.J. Wilson told radio host Dan Patrick that the Rangers "wasted" his time when he became a free agent, promising him they would make an offer and never doing so.

Daniels has built a consistent contender in Arlington, but he hasn't always done the best job handling the personal relationships side of the game. He butted heads with Nolan Ryan prior to Ryan stepping down as CEO, and he failed to tell Kinsler about the trade personally before the story broke.

Though the Rangers have been in the playoffs for four straight seasons (counting their tie-breaker game with the Rays last season), Kinsler's comment, "no one says, 'What a great organization,'" is not entirely off base. The Rangers have been very successful, but they are seldom mentioned along side organizations like the Cardinals, Red Sox, Rays and Athletics as one of the best front offices in the game.

Unless you were recently traded away by Daniels and his team, you probably wouldn't call the Rangers' front office the worst in the game, however. They have done too much winning to be slapped with that distinction. So, who does have the worst front office in baseball? Let's take ownership out of the equation as much as possible. We all know that Jeffery Loria is not the man you want holding the purse-strings of your favorite team, but his flaws don't necessarily mean the Marlins front office isn't doing a good job working with what they have.

Which front office just can't get it right?

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