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What was really the worst move of the offseason?

There were some bad deals, but there is more than one way to ruin a franchise or sabotage your career.

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On Wednesday, Grant Brisbee took a look at the 10 worst moves of the offseason. It's a solid list, but Grant limits himself to the traditional baseball definition of a move- a transaction made by a team. Many of those moves are deserving of a shot at the worst-move title, but if we expand the definition a little bit, there are some other pretty horrible moves we can consider.

Was Nelson Cruz's decision to turn down the qualifying offer a good move? This stack of $6 million dollars says no. Now that Dallas Morning News's Gerry Fraley is out there telling people Ian Kinsler is the most self-absorbed player he has ever covered, Kinsler might be seriously regretting saying yes to that ESPN interveiw. Hopefully, he hasn't taken any photos of himself kissing a mirror, because he'll definitely be regretting that soon too. Sometimes, the worst move is the one you don't make. When you have a chance to wrap up MIke Trout for a few extra seasons, you should really get that done.

The worst moves for teams and players aren't always just transactions, but man, were their some lousy transactions this winter. What was the worst move this offseason?

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