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Ervin Santana rumors: Right hander now seeking one-year deal

Apparently, Santana is tired of waiting.

Jamie Squire

It's still uncertain whether Ervin Santana has fired his agent or not, but now, he is apparently willing to consider one year-deals in an effort to sign "as quickly as possible," according to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal's sources added that the 31-year-old right hander would like to sign with a "strong offensive club," mentioning the Orioles and Blue Jays specifically.

In a third tweet, Rosenthal notes that Santana is unwilling to wait until after Opening Day to sign -- which would allow him to avoid the qualifying offer next winter.

Instead, the former Royals and Angels starter wants to sign a deal as soon as possible in order to get into a camp and prepare for the 2014 season.

The Kansas City Star's Andy McCullough spoke with Royals general manger Dayton Moore earlier this week, reporting that the GM still doesn't see Santana as a fit for his club. Moore also noted that Jay Alou, an agent for Proformance -- the same agency Bean Stringfellow works for -- is still negotiating on the player's behalf.

Recent rumors circulated by Dionisio Soldelvila of ESPN Deportes suggested that Santana fired Stringfellow, and had decided to represent himself.

Last season, Santana threw 211 innings for the Royals, finishing the year with a 3.24 ERA.