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Breakfast Links: Wilson Ramos, Brian Wilson, Bobby Parnell, Juan Francisco

With teams back to playing meaningful games, players are back to hitting the DL and forcing teams to adjust their well-laid plans.

Patrick Smith

Wilson Ramos to undergo hamate surgery, miss 4-8 weeks

Ramos injured his hand on opening day and that injury will require surgery putting him on the DL once again. Jose Lobaton is the first line of defense for the Nationals, but a move to add depth behind the plate could be on the way.

Dodgers place Brian Wilson on 15-day disabled list

Wilson flashed signs of being his old self last season, leading the Dodgers to re-sign him this winter, but a DL assignment caused by an elbow injury doesn't bode well for the eccentric ex-closer's future.

Bobby Parnell injury: Mets closer has partial tear in MCL

Parnell will receive a platelet-rich plasma injection and rest before being evaluated for surgery. Seeing what PRP injections have done from Bartolo Colon, Parnell should be topping 100 mph with his fastball in a week or two, right? No?

Mets closer rumors: If Jose Valverde struggles, who's next in line?

Tyler Drenon looks at the options the Mets have for the ninth if Valverde fail. Spoiler alert: One of those options is Karl Farnsworth, so Mets fans might want to read thisone with a stiff drink in their hands.

Blue Jays sign Juan Francisco to minor league deal

With the addition of Francisco to the mix of Dan Johnson, Andy LaRoche and Jared Goedert, the Blue Jays have cornered the market on fringy corner infielders. This move might not be much of a win for Toronto (or much of anything, actually), but it is a win for anyone who likes watching a guy who swings with reckless abandon in hopes that the ball might find the bat.