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MLB Tommy John kill sheet 2014: All the players going under the knife this season

The recent EPIDEMIC of Tommy John surgeries might have started with Matt Harvey, but when will it stop?

Before Mets ace Matt Harvey had Tommy John surgery near the end of 2013, the most notable players to undergo the operation -- and the subsequent year of recovery time -- were mostly minor leaguers dating back to Brandon Beachy's first TJS in 2012. Brian Wilson also went under the knife that year, but before that, you might have to go back to Adam Wainwright's 2011 operation to find another prominent name to require the surgery.

Many, many players underwent the operation from 2011 to yesterday, but there haven't been quite as many marquee names on this list of UCL injurees ... until recently.

It was a nice stretch of relatively uninterrupted Major League Baseball, but now the collective Ulnar Collateral Ligament of humanity has gone on strike once again.

Thirty one UCL surgeries have been performed in 2014, starting with Corey Lubke in February, and bumping up against the present with the most recent operation.

Here's a list of the players who have had the operation in 2014 starting with the most recent surgery -- we'll be updating the list as it grows.

Player TJ Surgery Date Team Majors
Colton Hollon 5/27/2014 TOR N
Anthony Fernandez 5/22/2014 SEA N
Chad Jones 5/20/2014 CIN N
Martin Perez 5/19/2014 TEX Y
Jose Fernandez 5/16/2014 MIA Y
Raul Alcantara 5/14/2014 OAK N
Danny Rosebaum 5/8/2014 WAS N
Mark Reistetter 5/7/2014 WAS N
A.J. Griffin 4/30/2014 OAK Y
Pedro Figueroa 4/30/2014 TEX Y
Ivan Nova 4/29/2014 NYY Y
Johnny Hellweg 4/29/2014 MIL N
Mac Williamson* 4/29/2014 SF N
Jose Campos 4/25/2014 NYY N
Josh Johnson 4/24/2014 SD Y
Matt Moore 4/22/2014 TB Y
Junior Morillo 4/22/2014 CIN N
Cory Gearrin 4/16/2014 ATL Y
Brian Moran 4/15/2014 LAA N
Jameson Taillon 4/9/2014 PIT N
Bobby Parnell 4/8/2014 NYM Y
Erik Davis 4/2/2014 WAS Y
Ross Stripling 4/2/2014 LAD N
Nick McBride 4/1/2014 TEX N
Corey Williams 4/1/2014 MIN N
Peter Moylan 4/1/2014 LAD Y
David Hernandez 4/1/2014 ARI Y
Bruce Rondon 3/29/2014 DET Y
Connor Sadzeck 3/26/2014 TEX N
Patrick Corbin 3/25/2014 ARI Y
Jarrod Parker 3/24/2014 OAK Y
Brandon Beachy 3/21/2014 ATL Y
Jace Chancellor 3/19/2014 SD N
Clay Holmes 3/19/2014 PIT N
Luke Hochevar 3/18/2014 KC Y
Kris Medlen 3/18/2014 ATL Y
Miguel Sano* 3/12/2014 MIN N
Jacob Bray 3/1/2014 BAL N
Cory Luebke 2/18/2014 SD Y

List complied by Beyond the Box Score's Jon Roegele.