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Pablo Sandoval extension: Giants 'cautiously optimistic' about new deal

Sandoval and the Giants have been exchanging figures, but nothing is close at the moment.

Ralph Freso

The Giants and third baseman Pablo Sandoval have been discussed a contract extension for most of the offseason and negotiations have spilled over into the regular season. According to ESPN's Buster Olney, the team is "cautiously optimistic" that they will be able to work out a deal with Sandoval.

Olney reports that the two parties have exchanged figures over the last few days.

Sandoval, 27, reportedly asked for the same deal the team gave outfielder Hunter Pence -- five years, $90 million.

The Giants' concern is believed to be based on Sandoval's seesawing physical fitness. Sandoval is in great shape this season, but he has consistently struggled with his weight in the past. He won the World Series MVP after the Giants' 2012 championship, but logged just three at bats in the Series in 2010.

Sandoval has put up solid numbers in his career, especially for a third baseman. In nearly 3,000 plate appearances he's hit .296/.350/.474 with 91 home runs and 393 runs batted in. However, there is some concern that his health could limit his production as he ages.