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Yu Darvish to miss tonight's start with neck injury

Rangers fans are wondering who's next as the baseball gods continue picking off their players one by one.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The ongoing bad news for Rangers fans is that Yu Darvish has been taken out as the starter of tonight's game in an ongoing effort to see just how bad things can get on a daily basis down in Arlington.

The good news, for once, is that Darvish is not expected to miss any more time than that, and this is more preventative maintenance than urgent care.

Darvish has been exceptional for the Rangers this season, and they've needed every inch of his talent to stay afloat in what is turning into a Texas-sized flood of injuries and maladies.

The table of injured players that the Rangers have had to deal with could nearly be enough to lay the foundation for a whole new team, as Derek Holland, Jurickson Profar, Martin Perez, Prince Fielder, Matt Harrison, Pedro Figueroa, Geovany Soto, Joe Saunders, and Tanner Scheppers have all are or have been on the 15-day DL some time this season.