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Red Sox trade rumors: Boston not currently targeting Matt Kemp

There is "nothing going on" in terms of a Kemp-to-Sox deal, according to a report.

Stephen Dunn

Although rumors have been swirling that the Dodgers are willing to shop their star outfielders at the trade deadline, a deal that would send Matt Kemp to the offensively-challenged Red Sox seems unlikely at this point. According to a report from's Rob Bradford, there is "nothing going on" between the Dodgers and Sox regarding a Kemp deal at this point.

The Red Sox, who have seen poor offensive production from Jackie Bradley Jr., Daniel Nava and the recently-released Grady Sizemore all season, were said to have "spent significant time" watching Kemp in recent weeks according to a report from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. While Boston could just be doing their due diligence on Kemp and fellow Dodgers' outfielder Andre Ethier, who is also reportedly available in trades, it appears that neither are great fits for the Red Sox at this time. Bradford reported in May that Ethier was not of interest to the team.

As we move closer to the trade deadline, Boston is expected to explore many avenues as they try to add production to their outfield. Padres' outfielders like Chris Denorfia or Seth Smith and Phillies' outfielders like Marlon Byrd, John Mayberry Jr., or Dominic Brown could be fits, and many more players will become available as more teams fall out of contention in the next five weeks.