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Angels trade rumors: LAA interested in David Price, Jason Hammel

Justin K. Aller

Though the Angels might not be the best fit for a David Price deal, they are doing their due diligence on what it might take to acquire the starting pitcher from the Tampa Bay Rays:

The Angels currently hold the second-best offense in the American League, second only to the Toronto Blue Jays. With that knowledge in hand, it would make sense for the team to try and make a move at the deadline to shore up their weaknesses on the pitching side.

While their starting pitching has been adequate, if unspectacular, the Angels are 12th in the AL in pitching WAR and have struggled out of the bullpen so far this season. Presumably, the idea would be to bring in a starting pitcher and move someone to the bullpen on a full-time basis, most likely Hector Santiago or Matt Shoemaker. Both have seen time in the rotation and out of the bullpen, and Santiago has the added advantage of being left-handed.

Santiago was dealt to the Angels in a three-team trade this past off-season, and so far has struggled to maintain the success he had in Chicago. He out-performed his peripherals for two consecutive seasons with the White Sox, and this year his ERA is in-line with his FIP and xFIP, sitting at 4.41/4.34/4.65, as opposed to 2013's 3.56/4.44/4.65 in 149 innings.

While David Price has consistently garnered interest from other clubs, Jason Hammel is starting to draw more and more attention as his season continues to shine. He currently holds an ERA of 2.99 with a 8.50 K/9 rate, both of which are in stiff competition with teammate (and fellow trade possibility) Jeff Samardzija (2.53 ERA, 8.48 K/9).