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Blue Jays trade rumors: Toronto exploring market for infielders

You can never have too much of a good thing.

Joe Robbins

With Brett Lawrie set to miss some more time with a hand injury, and due to the general underwhelming performance of every entity that has been stationed at second and third for the Blue Jays, Toronto is rumored to be seeking an upgrade to go alongside Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Reyes:

The potential market for infielders is a bit thin, but routinely there is always a last-minute shuffle in a player's availability from one team to another. There is the ever-present rumors of a guy like Rickie Weeks being traded away from the Brewers, but since Milwaukee currently sits at the top of the National League Central, such a move is, for once, counter-productive and highly unlikely.

There is also the perpetually-rumored availability of guys like Chase Utley, who in all likelihood should be on the table in Philadelphia, but whether or not it makes sense for the Blue Jays is another question altogether.

Ben Zobrist is an interesting proposition, if the Toronto front office is willing to swallow the bitter pill of what Tampa is going to ask for him. He would be a supreme fit for the Blue Jays, in that he can play second and third, along with covering the corner outfield on off-days for Jose Bautista and Melky Cabrera.

They might be able to get Emilio Bonifacio back from the Cubs, if they wanted to. He wouldn't be much of an upgrade, but he'd still be better than the Kawasaki/Tolleson platoon as it stands now. And it might be of interest to at least call the Mets and see if they are willing to move on Daniel Murphy, who has another year of arbitration left after this season.

There are certainly a few options, but most come with a cost that Toronto may either be unwilling or unable to pay, in terms of players or prospects. And for an offense that is currently sitting at the top, it is more of a luxury than a necessity. Toronto may be more interested in acquiring a pitcher, but they are certainly looking to make an already potent offense that much better.