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Are the Pirates calling up Gregory Polanco on Friday?

Conflicting reports are out there, but we're hearing that he is in fact coming up.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the Twitter age. Conflicting reports are flying tonight about the Pirates' plans for top prospect Gregory Polanco, so we'll try to sift through them and bring you the facts.

I'm hearing from a source close to Polanco that he is in fact coming up and will join the team on Friday when they begin their homestand, as Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects first reported. Ken Rosenthal of is hearing the same, but a couple of Pirates' beat writers have been told by team officials that Polanco is not coming up. Here's the tally if you're keeping track at home:

Word from one source is that the Pirates may be denying this because they want to make a team announcement about their top prospect coming up. That would make sense, but it's still weird that team officials are denying it to beat reporters.

We all know that Polanco is coming up soon, and, as I reported yesterday, the Pirates are probably going to do it while they're at home. Friday is the beginning of a seven-game homestand, so it fits.

As we learn more throughout the night, check back here for the latest.