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Jake Peavy Trade Rumors: Right-hander could be dealt before next start

The Sox scheduled their rotation following the All-Star break in a way that makes it look like Peavy won't be around for long.

Bob Levey

Jake Peavy might be on the move very soon.

The Red Sox right-hander is slated to pitch next on July 22, which gives the Sox eight days to work out a trade, as noted by the Boston Globe's Pete Abraham.

Peavy, who has looked much improved lately after a rocky start to the season, appears to have a significantly higher trade value than he did before his last three outings, all of which were quality starts. He's still sitting at 1-8 with a 4.59 ERA and 1.41 WHIP this season, but his promising series of starts dating back to June 30 will give the Sox something to work with in their trade talks.

Peavy's absence likely wouldn't do much to disrupt Boston's roster. The team's rotation currently consists of Jon Lester, John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, Rubby De La Rosa and Peavy, and the Sox would probably be happy to insert right-hander Brandon Workman into the mix if Peavy ends up being traded, as Abraham noted. Manager John Farrell's team is currently sitting at the bottom of the AL East, with a nine-game deficit that isn't insurmountable but also will likely turn the Sox into sellers leading up to the upcoming trade deadline. In a situation like that, relying on Workman (11 career starts) is certainly a viable alternative.

With a clear replacement candidate in line, sending Peavy on his way as his contract expires could be the most logical choice for the Sox. With the way the team's rotation is structured following the All-Star break, it's seems apparent that the team is looking to deal its veteran right-hander, and given his recent stretch of solid pitching, that could become a reality.

In terms of a destination, St. Louis currently appears to be the most likely team to work a deal for Peavy. The change of scenery—losing the designated hitter and avoiding the AL East's hitter-friendly parks—could be just what Peavy needs to keep his momentum going.

ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes noted that the Cardinals scouted Peavy earlier in the month, and ESPN's Jayson Stark also noted the team's interest in Peavy, via Viva El Birdos. The Cards rotation has been riddled with injuries, and a veteran arm like Peavy's could be just what the team needs to shore things up.