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Phillies trade rumors: Reds, Royals interested in Marlon Byrd

Seattle no longer looks like a likely destination for Marlon Byrd.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As of a week ago, it seemed like Marlon Byrd was going to be dealt to the Mariners, as the sides were reportedly in serious talks about a deal that would send him to Seattle. Then reports surfaced that he was only willing to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a deal to the Mariners if they would guarantee his $8M option for 2016, a condition that the team seemed reluctant to satisfy.

Now that Seattle doesn't seem like the most likely destination for Byrd anymore, teams like the Reds and Royals are reportedly showing interest in acquiring him.

As Jon Morosi of reported over the weekend, the Royals have interest in Byrd as they pursue right-handed hitting help on the trade market. They currently rank 13th in the American League with a team .674 OPS against left-handers, meaning that available players such as Byrd or Jonny Gomes would likely be good fits in their lineup.

Just like he can with the Mariners, Byrd can block a trade to the Royals as part of his four-team no-trade clause that also includes the Rays and Blue Jays. Because of this, it is likely that he will ask Kansas City to guarantee his 2016 option, making a deal harder to facilitate for the Royals.

One team that Byrd cannot block a deal to is the Reds, who have interest in him, according to's Jim Salisbury. Cincinnati reportedly has interest in both Byrd and left-hander Antonio Bastardo, leading some to believe that the Phillies could package the pair together in exchange for a return of Reds' prospects before July 31.

Byrd, who turns 37 in August, has slashed .266/.318/.484 while hitting 19 home runs and driving in 55 on the year. He is one of many Phillies' veterans who could be moved before the deadline.