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Seth Levinson issues exclusive statement about ESPN report of MLBPA investigation

Levinson spoke exclusively to Chris Cotillo of SB Nation.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In a response to a report from ESPN's T.J. Quinn about the Major League Baseball Player's Association launching an investigation to determine the roles that agencies played in last year's Biogenesis scandal, agent Seth Levinson of ACES has spoken exclusively to SB Nation. Levinson issued this statement in a text message this evening:

"Biogenesis has been thoroughly investigated and there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on our part. In August of last year, Michael Weiner, the Executive Director of the MLBPA put it best, when he said that "despite all of the new evidence none of it linked Sam or Seth (or their assistants) in any way to any of the use of PEDs." We prefer not to revisit the past.

As a reminder, all of the players who were involved in Biogenesis were interviewed and to a man, said that we knew nothing and had nothing to do with the mistakes they made.  Michael Weiner stated that "from our perspective, there is no evidence Sam and Seth have been involved in anything directly. No one said "Sam and Seth set me up. Sam and Seth knew what was going on.' Michael Weiner added that all of the players who accepted their suspensions 'were all tied to Nunez.'"

Levinson, who founded ACES along with his brother, Sam, is one of the agents who is reportedly being investigated by the MLBPA. CAA (namely, Nez Balelo, who represents Ryan Braun) is also reportedly being looked at by the investigation.