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Cubs trade rumors: Emilio Bonifacio expected to be traded soon

Bonifacio is likely to be dealt by the end of the day, with three or four teams competing for his services.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs are expected to trade Emilio Bonifacio by the end of the day, according to major league sources with knowledge of the situation. The Giants, Mariners, Reds and Orioles are among the teams with interest in the 29-year old, but it is unclear where he will be traded.

Bonifacio is not in the lineup tonight for the Cubs, signaling that the team is on the verge of trading him. He would be a valuable commodity for a contender looking for a utility player, as he has hit .279/.318/.373 while appearing at second base, shortstop, third base and center field in 69 games with the Cubs on the year.

The asking price is said to be high for Bonifacio, who is a free agent after the year. Chicago is likely to acquire one or two prospects in return for him, and the high level of interest will probably net them a valuable return.