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Carlos Gomez to miss a week with sprained wrist

Harry How

Coupled with a rough stretch that has seen the Brewers lose seven consecutive games. as well as their grip on first place in the National League Central, news that they will be without their star center fielder has many fans wondering, "What's next?"

Carlos Gomez is likely to miss at least another week of games.

He hasn't played since injury his wrist on Sunday, missing out on Milwaukee's 4-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs on Monday, and their 7-1 loss on Tuesday.

Gomez has been one of the driving forces of Milwaukee's offense this year, hitting .282/.348/.479 with 21 home runs and 29 stolen bases. With him missing significant time, things may only get worse for the Brewers before they get better. After finishing up with the Cubs today, they play a four-game series against the St. Louis Cardinals, which may go a long way to settling the divisional race in the Central.