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Melky Cabrera out for season

The Blue Jays outfielder will miss the rest of the year with an injury.

Jared Wickerham

Toronto outfielder Melky Cabrera will miss the rest of the season with a hand injury. According to the Blue Jays official Twitter account, it is a fairly serious injury that will require surgery:

An avulsion essentially means that the extensor tendon was exposed as the surface tissue was forcibly detached from the structure. Ouch.

Cabrera has had a good season for the Blue Jays, but more and more it is clear that he needs to be relegated to designated hitting duties. Though he has hit .301/.358/.458 with 16 home runs and 73 RBI, he only accrued 2.5 Wins Above Replacement due to his poor range and throwing skills in the outfield (-12.4).

Cabrera is also a free agent at the conclusion of this season, and has expressed a desire to return to the Blue Jays. If his rehab goes well, Cabrera will see a lot of interest during the winter from several teams looking for offensive help.