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Here are your known managerial candidates

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These are the guys we know are looking for a job this offseason, ranked by how likely they are to get hired on.

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It seems like the hot stove is really heating up for teams in search of a new manager. So far the Mariners, Padres, Marlins, and Nationals are actively looking, and we could still see the Dodgers, Reds, White Sox, and maybe even the Orioles enter the market before too long.

So now's probably a real good time to talk about the guys who are out there and available, and likely to be candidates for these jobs. Here are most of the names mentioned so far, in order of how likely they are to be employed by Spring Training.

Tim Bogar

Experience: 22 games as interim Rangers Manager, longtime minor league manager and MLB coach

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, Bogar has become a perennial candidate. He seems to be universally respected, has (brief) managerial experience, and has extensive experience in the minors and majors as a manager and a coach. It's probably his time somewhere, especially since he worked for Mariners GM Jerry DiPoto in Anahem just this year.

Connected to: Mariners

Best fit: Mariners

Don Mattingly

Experience: 5 years, Dodgers

Record: 446-363 (.551), 3 postseason appearances

What? Don't look surprised. If Dodgers are eliminated, you know this is the first conversation they will have. He's over his first year jitters and Mattingly has not prevented the Dodgers from winning anything, but it's unclear that he's been an asset on the field or in the clubhouse to a team that has spent like and has expected to be a powerhouse in the National League. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Dodgers are trading him to the Marlins.

Connected to: Marlins, where he's said to be the favorite.

Best fit: Nowhere, really, if he isn't retained by the Dodgers. If the Marlins want him, great, but it'll probably end badly like everything else Loria touches.

Bud Black

Experience: 9 years, Padres

Record: 649-713 (.477), 0 postseason appearances

Black was seen as a decent manager by folks outside San Diego, tactically fine and very good with players, but never seemed able to elevate the Padres above their payroll, and only finished above .500 twice. Black still has a fine reputation and was widely interpreted as getting the short end of the stick for GM A.J. Preller's failings over the offseason, and many (myself included) look forward to seeing what he can do with an actually decent roster.

Connected to: Nationals

Best fit: Dodgers

Phil Nevin

Experience: Minor league manager since 2009.

Nevin is really the hot name this offseason, and has been or will be interviewed by everybody. A Padres legend, the team might have some interest in bringing him back. With all the smoke around his name, chances are he'll catch fire somewhere before the music stops. Will he be good at the helm? Who knows?

Connected to: Nationals, Marlins, Padres, Mariners

Best fit: Mariners, but if I had to put money on one team, it would be the Padres.

Ron Gardenhire

Experience: 13 years, Twins

Record: 1068-1039 (.507), 6 postseason appearances

Once lauded for his ability to work in minor league talent, Gardenhire morphed into a veteran player's manager by the time his run in Minnesota ended. He is tactically questionable, but can run a good bullpen and his teams tend to have strong clubhouse atmospheres. He's also excellent with the media. After four straight awful seasons to close out his tenure with the Twins, Gardenhire figures to look for a situation where he can win quickly and reestablish his reputation.

Connected to: Padres and Nationals

Best fit: Nationals

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Experience: None. Currently a terrible announcer for TBS.

Ripken would be a splashy, sexy pick and the Nationals are supposed to be interested. Given his performance this postseason, he seems even less able to communicate effectively than Matt Williams was. This has the potential to be a huge disaster.

Connected to: Nationals

Best fit: In-studio analyst

Dusty Baker

Experience: 20 years, Giants, Cubs, Reds

Record: 1671-1504 (.526), 7 postseason appearances, 1 pennant

By far the biggest name who has put his hat in the ring who actually, you know, has experience managing, Baker would be a sexy pick for a team looking to make a splash (hi Marlins!) but who might actually be serious about this baseball thing (bye Marlins!). In reality, there's a lot of baggage here for a guy who has clashed with hands-on front offices and who has run pitchers into the ground. He is also tactically questionable. However, he is almost universally beloved by his players and by the media, and it's hard to argue with his track record.

Connected to: Marlins, Nationals

Best fit: Nationals

Ron Wotus

Experience: Long time Giants bench coach and minor league manger

Wotus has learned at the feet of Bruce Bochy, and it's hard to imagine anybody better working in the game today. At 54, it's a little unclear why he hasn't been given more of a look in the past. From an Adam Kilgore report, " known for his personality, communication skills, infield coaching, and ability to blend old and new baseball ideas such as defensive shift." Definitely sounds promising.

Connected to: Nationals

Best fit: Dodgers

Torey Lovullo

Experience: Longtime bench coach and minor league manager.

Like Bogar, Lovullo has been interviewed for and connected to seemingly every job over the last couple years. He lost out to Paul Molitor at the last minute for the Twins job last season. He's gotten no heat so far this offseason, and it's a little baffling. Lovullo is universally respected, but maybe some of the Red Sox's stink this year has rubbed off on him.

Connected to: Nobody

Best fit: Mariners or Padres

Alex Cora

Experience: Seemingly none, currently a broadcaster for ESPN.

I'm all for outside of the box thinking, but I'm not sure why anyone would be looking at Alex Cora to manage in 2015, when he hasn't done it before at any level.

Connected to: Padres, Marlins, Nationals

Best fit: ESPN, though the Marlins might wind up snagging him.

Manny Acta

Experience: 6 years, Nationals and Indians

Record: 372-518 (.418)

Acta talks a good game, seems to have a report with Latino players, and talks a good game about advanced concepts, but also has never finished above .500. That's not his fault, given that he was dealt some truly awful clubs to work with, but it's also not clear that he deserves a third chance.

Connected to: Marlins

Best fit: Marlins

Barry Larkin

Experience: Managing Brazil in the World Baseball Classic

It would be an interesting pick. I don't think we actually know anything about what Larkin would be like as a manager, but at least has to be considered slightly more legitimate a candidate than Cal Ripken, even if Ripken's more likely to get hired on somewhere.

Connected to: Reds, Nationals

Best fit: Reds?

Larry Bowa

Experience: 6 years, Padres and Phillies

Record: 418-435 (.490)

A classic red ass, Bowa would be brought in by someone thinking they need to light a fire under their players and impose discipline. That act wears thin pretty quickly, but it can get results in the short term. At nearly 70, he's not likely to get hired.

Connected to: Marlins

Best fit: Dodgers, Nationals

Bo Porter

Experience: 2 years, Houston Astros

Record: 110-190 (.367)

Porter effectively talked himself out of a job in Houston, and demonstrated nothing to indicate he was worth giving a second chance. Bristled under an active front office.

Connected to: Marlins

Best fit: None.

Ozzie Guillen

Experience: 9 years, White Sox and Marlins

Record: 747-710 (.513), 2 postseason appearances, 1 pennant, 1 World Series win

Outspoken and controversial, Guillen is generally popular with his players in part because he attracts so much of the media spotlight. He is good tactically and smart, but has clashed with management, and it's hard to see a team looking right now who would be willing to put up with the headaches he causes. It's also not real clear how serious he is about getting back into managing.

Connected to: Nobody

Best fit: Padres?