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Addison Russell to miss NLCS

The Cubs shortstop will be shelved for at least the next series with a mild hamstring strain.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Addison Russell, who played 142 games this year for the Cubs in his rookie season, will not be included on the playoff roster for the NLCS.

Russell suffered the injury during game three of the NLDS between the Cubs and the Cardinals, and was later pulled during the fourth inning for pinch runner Javier Baez.

Defensively, the loss will undeniably be felt as Russell saved a combined 13 runs between shortstop and second base this season by UZR. By UZR/150 -- the rate version of the statistic -- Russell actually ranks first among shortstops with a minimum of 400 innings played at the position.

Moving forward, Baez will most-assuredly be Russell's replacement. Despite being a massive downgrade defensively, Baez will likely help in Maddon's lineup construction. Russell's OBP of .250 in the postseason has been less than ideal while Baez has reached safely in four of his five plate appearances, and possesses massive power. In fact, the strikeout-prone rookie (who struck out in 30% of his plate appearances this season) has yet to be retired via strikes in the playoffs.

Maddon didn't rule out Russell's availability for the World Series provided the Cubs make it through the NLCS. However, if Baez proves to be valuable in the lineup, Maddon's decision to include Russell on a World Series roster might become a bit more difficult. Their opponent will be decided this evening when the Mets take on the Dodgers tonight at 8:00pm ET.