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Daniel Murphy 'to get qualifying offer'

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It seems that Daniel Murphy's display of power this postseason has convinced the Mets' front office to give him a qualifying offer.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Despite earlier reports that the Mets' front office wasn't planning on giving Daniel Murphy a qualifying offer, it now appears as if they will. According to Joel Sherman, the "Mets intend to make the qualifying offer of $15.8 million...But that is mostly about guaranteeing a draft pick next June and remaining in play to sign the second baseman, even if the odds to keep him long term remain -- at best -- iffy."

This offseason, Murphy will likely be the most sought after second baseman outside of Ben Zobrist, and as a result, he should be able to secure a fairly lucrative mutli-year contract. Sherman suggested earlier that Murphy could net anywhere from $30-$40 million, and with his recent power surge this October, he may have even earned himself a few extra million.

Throughout his career, Murphy has been an above average hitter, but by no means the superstar that he's become in these playoffs. Even in 2015 he was just 10 percent better than league average according to wRC+, and his fWAR of 2.5 was good for 72nd best among qualified hitters.

While the Mets aren't likely to retain Murphy, extending him a qualifying offer provides them with somewhat of a safety net. If the QO scares off interested teams, then at the very least they'll have a solution at second base for 2016 while Dilson Herrera acclimates to the big leagues. However if Murphy does sign elsewhere (which is the most likely scenario), then New York will be given a compensation pick in the 2016 amateur draft.

It remains to be seen what Murphy's market will be, but at the very least, it seems like the Royals, Angels, and possibly the Dodgers could all have interest in the infielder.