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MLB team in Mexico remains a possibility

Commissioner Rob Manfred was in Mexico to meet with local officials this week.

An MLB team in Mexico remains a possibility to this point. According to Forbes' Maury Brown, Commissioner Rob Manfred met with officials in Mexico this week to determine if having a major league club there is realistic.

If MLB decides to expand and include at least 32 teams, Mexico is expected to at least be considered. Montreal is also known to be hoping to bring a baseball club back, and Manfred reportedly continues to be open to expansion.

Even though having a team based in Mexico is still an option, it is not expected to be quick process. Manfred has said in the past before a team begins to play home games in Mexico, he would like to see spring training and multiple exhibition games played there first. Occasional regular season contests would subsequently be arranged to ensure Mexico could become a full-time location.

Brown adds Major League Baseball is set to open an office in Mexico City next year, which could prove to be the first step in the expansion process.

Additional teams are expected to be added within the United States, and Manfred adds current television deals will not prove to be an obstacle to expanding as long as new teams are not too close to older ones.

In the event that multiple new teams are created, Manfred said current divisions would likely be realigned. Scheduling would likely be easier as a result.