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MLB playoff teams spent an average of $1.6 million for each win in 2015

Other than two obvious big spenders, the other eight playoff teams are surprisingly close in spending.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Getting to the playoffs is no easy task, but there is also a cost associated with it. It costs these ten playoff teams an average of $1.6 million for each win in 2015, according to Forbes' Maury Brown.

There are no surprises with the teams near the top of this chart. The Dodgers led the way with $3.3 million dollars per win this season. The Yankees are right behind them at $2.5 million. After those two, the rest of the group is pretty bunched together in terms of cost, with the Pirates and the Astros bringing up the rear.

It cost the Pirates around $1 million per each win this year, while the Astros were the most economical of the group. For each of their 86 wins, it cost them around $936,000 to do so.

This chart also could give credence to the idea that teams don't necessarily need to spend the most in order to reach the playoffs. The Mets won 90 games this season at a cost of $1.273 million per win. Their cross-town rivals, the New York Yankees, won 87 games at a cost of $2.515 million.

There is no mathematical formula to making it to the postseason, and a chart like this supports that theory. Teams that spend a lot can make it, like the Dodgers and Yankees. Also, teams with smaller payrolls like the Pirates and Astros can enjoy the October dance.