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MLB World Series odds: Blue Jays remain on top

With the playoff field set, Bovada has released their World Series odds before the Wild Card round begins.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With the playoff field now set, Bovada has released their latest World Series odds update. While their top ten teams on September 24th all made the playoffs, there's been a noticeable amount of movement in the rankings.

Team Current odds odds on 9/24/15
Blue Jays 3/1 4/1 (1st)
Royals 5/1 11/2 (2nd)
Cardinals 5/1 6/1 (5th)
Dodgers 6/1 6/1 (3rd)
Mets 7/1 6/1 (4th)
Cubs 10/1 10/1 (7th)
Pirates 11/1 10/1 (8th)
Rangers 12/1 9/1 (6th)
Astros 14/1 25/1 (10th)
Yankees 14/1 14/1 (9th)

Of all the teams to move up the list, the Cardinals are perhaps the most surprising. While they had the best overall record in baseball (100-62), St. Louis had the worst September of the three playoff bound teams in the NL Central. Their ace, Carlos Martinez was shut down on the 26th, and Michael Wacha and Lance Lynn have both struggled mightily.

The Cubs and Pirates records would seemingly merit better odds than 10/1 and 11/1, respectively, but since they're set for the Wild Card game, their road to the World Series is inherently more difficult. Texas took the biggest slide in the rankings, as their odds have fallen from 9/1 to 12/1.

The playoffs are finally set to begin tomorrow in New York as the Astros take on the Yankees. Dallas Keuchel and Masahiro Tanaka will be the starting pitchers for their respective teams, as they try to take the last ALDS spot.