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Arbitration projections for 2016

MLB Trade Rumors has released their yearly arbitration salary projections.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, MLB Trade Rumors released their salary projections for players eligible for arbitration in 2016. While the service time data, the Super Two cutoff and the 2016 MLB minimum salary are have not been announced, MLBTR estimated the Super Two cutoff at 2.130 seasons, and $508,000 the MLB minimum salary for their projection purposes.

Eight players are due to get massive raises, taking them over the $10 million mark. Josh Donaldson, Greg Holland, Mark Melancon, Neil Walker, Tyson Ross, Stephen Strasburg, Jake Arrieta and Aroldis Champan round out that group. Chapman leads the way, with a projected $13 million next season. Some of these guys, like Arrieta, could chose to sign longer term deals and forfeit this last year of eligibility, so these numbers are just projections until final deals are reached.

Melancon and Walker are both Pirates and with the limited budget that Pittsburgh has had since...well, forever, they may be forced to move one of those guys in order to make the money situation work for them.

Strasburg is another interesting case, as he will be a free agent at the conclusion of the 2016 season. This will be his last year of arbitration eligibility, and the $10.5 million he is projected to receive seems like a bargain. But thanks to his relatively low injury troubles, he doesn't have the innings pitched and "wins" that will help him pump up his award in arbitration. Assuming that he stays healthy all year, Strasburg's salary should be dwarfed by what he will receive when he hits the open market next winter.

The A's lead the way with 15 arbitration-eligible players this offseason, while the Brewers only have to deal with four arbitration cases, the biggest being shortstop Jean Segura.